Friday link love III

It’s Friday and I’m wearing a small miracle on my lips! This balm works wonders. I got it in orange :)

The sun suddenly came out y’all and we had our first cookout of the year! SO FUN! I love to cook outdoors and even though the veggie burgers I made tried to slip away through the grill grates, they were still delicious! We had an apple and cabbage slaw that I pretty much always make with spicy chiles and sweet gherkins, plus crispy home fries and plenty of cold beer with my friends! I am getting excited for the change in seasons.


my bff Brianna and me — outdoors — in March!

And this is a great soundtrack for evening sun and friends.

Recently I toasted a ton of rolled oats in the oven til golden and fragrant and made them into::
-these scones (swapping some of our delicious dried cherries from work for the maple)
-our favorite oatmeal-raisin cookies! Even awesomer with toasty oats
-and this great oatmeal! I had fun making strawberry-chia jam in my PJs for breakfast last Saturday. A healthier, prettier breakfast than I usually scarf down before 6am :)

I tried a new-to-us meat loaf made with a lovely mirepoix and some onion gravy. We loved it! Four pounds of meat was way too much for the two of us (and for anyone?!) so I halved it, and we still had so much leftover for meatloaf sandwiches. –Which are delicious. I never had made one before. Am I a True American? I hope now I qualify.


These mashed potato waffles are absolutely one of the smartest ideas ever!

We don’t have television so are always really late to TV shows — til they arrive on Netflix Streaming. So I know I am behind but I have just fallen in love with Chummy! And the finale of one of the greatest shows ever made was just solidly perfect and as unpredictable as ever. Did anyone else feel somewhat nostalgic through those episodes?

Going to press together these lovely granola bars because some pals are taking me rock climbing this weekend! My first try at climbing. And I don’t want anyone getting low blood sugar (read: I don’t want anyone to have to be around me if I have low blood sugar).

You might remember that during our office renovation, I was gifted the creepiest, smallest, long-empty office in the building, the space that made my coworker cry when she originally thought she would be moved into it. Well: ta-daaaaa!


Just needed a fresh coat of paint and my shiny face! Artwork for that big empty wall to come soon. Oh, and good riddance to my old office, which went from having three windows to zero::



I know some folks have thousands of Pins but I am a little selective. This was my 1,000th Pin! I think it’s a) gorgeous and b) delicious-sounding and c) nutritious, too! All the important elements.

Some of my favorite adventures of our married life thus far (and some extra pounds from late-night cocktails and grilled cheese) happened at our homey La Capitale, an eatery that brought some legit flavors and pretty surroundings to our struggling local restaurant scene. Nathan and I used to belly up to that bar every weekend. Today is their last day open and we are certainly sad to see it end! Best wishes to Chef David as he turns his focus to his tapas restaurant (oh darn — I will just have to eat more tapas).

I suppose our culture cultivates a desire to be thin, petite, graceful. I have always been short but I haven’t always been small or at a healthy weight. It feels great to go in for a blood donation appointment and have my blood pressure and iron at killer-good levels — thanks, multivitamins and lots of time at the gym! The phlebotamists say I’m small but I “bleed like a champ.” Such a compliment! Do you donate blood?

Are yall celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day? We’re really not, but we will be at our favorite local brewery, where the beer is strong, but never green, just the way I like it, and just like nearly every weekend :) Cheers! Or “chin chin” as Chummy would say!

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8 thoughts on “Friday link love III

  1. wait, I am not the only one without television? :-) I don’t feel quite so alone anymore! I have yet to watch Breaking Bad, but I feel like I should at least give it a try. We’ve started watching Top of the Lake on Netflix last weekend. your office looks great!

    • We LOVED Top of the Lake! I mean, as much as a disturbing/sad story could be loved. Fantastic characters, and beautiful landscape. Breaking Bad is at times hard to watch, but I became so very attached to the story. It’s so well-crafted and developed, has us rooting for the characters. And talk about unexpected twists too :)

  2. yay for the changing season, FINALLY. and your new office? what a change, good for you.

    i have donated once, i won’t do it again. the preparation prior, the feeling during, and the feeling after. no. just no. i was sick for daaaaaays after. though i have THREE tattoos, i just do not like being poked with a needle. dw, however, goes every few months, faithfully. he did have to stop for awhile after his trips to Nepal and Vietnam, and i suspect after our trip to Thailand, due being in foreign countries. but he’ll pick right up as soon as he’s able.

    • Needles make some people really woozy and donating definitely isn’t for everyone. Good for DW! I learned to go from my mom and my grandpa who have been donating as long as I can remember. The needle doesn’t bother me but other things do: any time they have to poke BOTH arms, any time I get a huge bruise, any time my shirt gets splattered BLAH. I don’t always have a good attitude about it ;)

  3. ali says:

    I LOVED Call The Midwife. Chummy is the best.

  4. seasonssuppers says:

    Love all your Friday links, and your new office! We just watched the finale of Breaking Bad this week (having watched all 6 seasons since Christmas). I LOVED it, even though it was intense at times. Would highly recommend @thewindykitchen

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the hiking. We’d still need snowshoes for hiking here, and lord knows, I ain’t doing that ;)

    • Ohh you poor thing! Well, climbing will be indoors for me (it had to be postponed) — on a rock wall in a warm gym, no snow in sight! Wish you could join!

      So excited to hear you recently watched Breaking Bad! Ah…. so crazy…. and so good.

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